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Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic Waves

Students will be able to explain the electromagnetic spectrum in terms of frequency, wavelength, and energy. Students will investigate and discuss mirrors and lenses. In addition, students will be able to explain how the human eye sees objects and colors. Finally students will investigate and explain all of the interactions of waves. Directions for completing your "homework" I introduced it to you in class already. Here are the steps to have done by the due date on your Unit Plan. 1. Watch and take notes 2. Complete the Summarizing Questions. They are located under the video and should be written in your notebook under your notes. 3. Write 1 question using the questions on the back of the Unit Plan to help you. That is it. Bring those three things everyday to class and you will be able to do the fun activities for the day. Otherwise, you will be doing the above in class and missing out on the activities.

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