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how o dye your hair in koolaid

how o dye your hair in koolaid

Owner: monica flores
Have you ever wanted your hair in a crazy color without damaging it? Well there's a new way thanks to the juice koolaid! Yess koolaid with this experiment you'll find out how much colorant it has! 1. Boil water at high temperature 2. Add koolaid to the water when its boiling 3. Stir the water to make sure the koolaid spread. 5. Wait for 5 min so the water can cool a little and this way it wont damage your hair. 6. Put your hair inside the water. The amount you want, (make sure the oven is off.)you can put your tips or just one part of your hair. 6. Wait for 20 min 7. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and let it dry 8. And tadaaa your hair is done!

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