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Improving Reading Skills and Comprehension

Improving Reading Skills and Comprehension

Owner: Michelle Zuniga
Improving reading skills and comprehension 1. Pre-reading tasks: Before reading the text, ask yourself everything you know about the topic and try to recall as much information as you can. Make brief notes about your thoughts and discuss with others. 2. When you start reading, visualize. Visualize what you are reading, this way will help you remember event or characters from the text or story you are reading. 3. Research: Doing research about the topic you are reading will help you understand more the text and also in many cases it could help you gain interest. The research could be not only of the topic but also of the author, most of the time the books you read will have mini biographies about the author. 4. Ask questions: ask questions is very important, it makes you reflect on the materials you read. Asking questions while you read can help you make assumptions of what will happen next in the story or text and that will create interest in you to keep on reading. 5. Monitor Understanding: learn new vocabulary to improve reading comprehension. As you read, make a list of all unknown words and later look up their meaning in the dictionary. 6. Test yourself: after reading the material make yourself questions to see how well you learned the material. You could ask yourself: what was the main idea? What are the main characters? What information did you learn?, etc.

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