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Math 7 unit 5 This unit includes the following topics; compare & order integers, absolute value, add, subtract, multiply and divide integers.

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Watch the video. Then answer the "check your progress questions" in your math journal. Show all work.

Absolute Value

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Watch the video, then complete the exit ticket quiz in the upper right-hand corner.

Real Numbers


Watch the first 2 videos and take notes in your math journal. Your notes should be on natural numbers and positive & negative numbers.

Watch the video "compare & order rational numbers and integers". QUESTION: [1]. Is an integer a rational number? Why or why not? explain and give an example in your explanation.

Watch both videos. Take notes. Then, answer the following questions. [1]. 12 + 4 = [2]. 12 + (-4) = [3]. (-12) + 4 = [4]. (-12) + (-4) = [5]. Why are the answers not the same. Make sure you can explain.

Watch each video. Then in your math journal complete the worksheet and the summary question at the end.

Watch the video. Then complete the question and answer section below.

Watch the video at the bottom of the page. Then complete and submit the answers to the questions.