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Literature in the 21 Century Mathematics Classroom

Literature in the 21 Century Mathematics Classroom

Owner: Tammy Long
I am a secondary teacher of mathematics for the last 15 years. Through my recent graduate studies, I have begun to incorporate literature into my lesson plans. This enhances the students literacy fluency as well as creating instruction that is both meaningful and interesting for the students. As teachers we know what research has confirmed, "If you have the will, you can acquire the skill." Keeping students engaged in a positive learning environment leads to deeper understanding of concepts as well as lasting working knowledge of the content. I've made several tutorials of my own based on my studies into literacy and mathematics. I've also included in this playlist supplemental tutorials I find are supportive of the same concepts. Having choices allows us as lifetime learners to self-differentiate to accommodate our own learning styles and obstacles. Modeling learning is just as important as facilitating it.
positive learning environments, Mathematics literacy

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