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Students will view a short You Tube video on Minnesota Career Information System (MNCIS) and iSeek. Students will create their own personal account at home. In class students will login to their new account and conduct an interest survey or Career Cluster Survey. This is a critical step to identifying future career and post-secondary transition options. Below is a lesson plan and link to the flipped lesson. Single Subject Lesson Plan Name: Chuck Moore School: Detroit Lakes High School Room: 105 Day/Date: Spring Break (April 18-20) and Monday April 21, 2014 Subject: Special Education Lesson: Researching Post Secondary Options Standards Addressed: NA Objectives: Students will create a personal account in either MNCIS or ISeek after viewing a You Tube video at home (flipped lesson). In class students will login to their new account and conduct an Interest Survey or Career Cluster Survey using either MNCIS of iSeek. Materials Needed: NA Outline: Assign weekend homework to watch video posted on Moore To Blog About– 5 min Students will watch video (hopefully with a parent since I notified all parents on this assignment). 10-15 min In class students will login into their new accounts and complete an interest survey and save results to their profile. 20-25 min Resources: Computers and iPad in classroom with Internet access Evaluation: There are two formative assessments with this activity. A Google Form is posted with the video that asks very basic questions on the lesson. The purpose is to document which students have watched the video. The second formative assessment is having the students show me their login information for either MNCIS or iSeek.
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