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Module 1 - Facts (Messages 1 VI/9)

Module 1 - Facts (Messages 1 VI/9)

About the module: The module is divided into two units. The first is to discover what English, if any, the students already know by making short sentences and giving personal information. The second unit builds on the first and also requires students to ask and give personal information. Grammar and vocabulary will be covered with the tutorials, while listening, reading and communicative tasks will be done in class. Learning outcomes: Grammar: • Be: affirmative, negative, questions, short answers • Questions with “What”, “Where”, “Who” and “When” Vocabulary: • Numbers and dates • The alphabet • Members of a band and musical instruments • Geography vocabulary Listening and reading skills: • Punctuation • Listen to and understand a song • Read a letter in English • Life and culture: Alphabet world • Read an e-mail • Listen to an interview for a student survey • Listen to a radio quiz • Life and culture: The UK Communicative Tasks: • Introductions • Ask and answer questions about other people • Write a letter to an English friend • Ask for and give information • Write about an imaginary band • Describe interests • Talk about cities and countries • Play a quiz game Expectations At the end of this module: most students will: be able to form simple sentences in which they give personal information. They will be able to communicate in the classroom in English, ask questions, and understand spellings, numbers and dates. They will be able to use simple negatives, and be able to talk and answer questions about their interests and activities. some students will not have made so much progress and will: only be able to answer simple questions relating to their name, road, town, and being at school. some students will have progressed further and will: be able to speak more fluently giving not only their name and age, but also their birthday and those of others in their family. They will be able to speak in some detail about their interests and activities. They will be able to express opinions and give descriptions of their town and school.

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