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Module 2 - Things and people (Messages 1 VI/9)

Module 2 - Things and people (Messages 1 VI/9)

About the module: The module is divided into two units. The first introduces everyday vocabulary for objects which most students possess. The second concerns asking about and describing objects and people. Grammar and vocabulary will be covered with the tutorials, while listening, reading and communicative tasks will be done in class. Learning outcomes: Grammar: • Have got, Has got • A, an, some, any • Possessives, ‘s • Possessive adjectives • This / these / that / those • What is / are … like? • Adjectives Vocabulary and pronunciation: • Families • Appearance and personality • The body Listening and reading skills: • Listen for specific information • Read an announcement • Story: “The Silent Powers” Chapters 1 and 2 • Life and culture: Collections • Read a “Happiness recipe” • Listen to personal descriptions • Listen to and understand a song • Life and culture: London Communicative tasks: • Talk about possessions and things you use at school • Say who something belongs to • Write a description of a family • Ask about and describe things • Write a “Happiness recipe” • Describe someone’s appearance and personality • Write about an imaginary person Expectations At the end of this module: most students will: be able to name the objects they bring to school. They will be able to name and write about the members in an extended family. They will be able to describe people’s character and appearance and say how they feel. some students will not have made so much progress and will: be able only to name classroom objects, people in an immediate family and some parts of the body. They will only be able to say whether something is good or bad, but will not be able to progress to descriptions. some students will have progressed further and will: be able to write a full description of their families including details such as likes and dislikes, appearance, and character. They will be able to talk about illnesses and give a brief report of an accident which has resulted in an injury. They will be able to comment on healthy and unhealthy lifestyles.

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