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Module 3 - Daily life (Messages 1 VI/9)

Module 3 - Daily life (Messages 1 VI/9)

About the module: The module is divided into two units. The first introduces everyday activities. The second extends this further with domestic chores and exercise. Grammar and vocabulary will be covered with the tutorials, while listening, reading and communicative tasks will be done in class. Learning outcomes: Grammar: • Present simple: affirmative, negative, questions, short answers • Revision of question forms • Wh- questions • Present simple + frequency adverbs Vocabulary and pronunciation: • Things you do regularly • Food, drink and meals • The time • Daily routines Listening and reading skills: • Read about British teenagers • Listen to and understand a song • Story: “The Silent Powers” Chapters 3 and 4 • Life and culture: Schools • Read and listen to a questionnaire • Listen to a conversation about meals • Read a report about food in the UK • Listen to a description of someone’s day Communicative tasks: • Describe things you do • Write about teenagers • Talk about fears, likes and dislikes • Write a questionnaire • Make a conversation about daily life • Describe your habits • Talk about things you eat and drink • Write a report about food • Ask for and tell the time • Describe daily routines Expectations At the end of this module: most students will: be able to talk about the things they do, their habits, likes and dislikes concerning food and drink. They will be able to write about food and drink and understand the time. some students will not have made so much progress and will: be able to tell the time, talk about some of the things they do, and recognise basic foods and drinks. some students will have progressed further and will: be able to make comparisons between their own countries and the UK with regard to daily routines and food and drink.

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