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Module 4 -Inside and Outside (Messages 1 VI/9)

Module 4 -Inside and Outside (Messages 1 VI/9)

The module is divided into two units. The first deals with the home, places and food. The second concerns the local area, including what activities are available. Learning outcomes: Grammar: • There is / are • “Can” for ability and possibility • Must, mustn’t • Imperative Vocabulary and pronunciation: • Homes • Things in a room • Abilities • Places in a town Listening and reading skills: • Read a shopping list • Listen to a conversation in a supermarket • Life and culture: Homes in the UK • Read a newspaper article • Read a poem • Life and culture: Stephen Hawking Communicative tasks: • Describe different homes • Write a description of your dream home • Ask about places and food • Write a “disgusting recipe” • Describe a room • Talk about your abilities Make a notice for a club • Describe things you can do in your town • Describe the sights and sounds around you • Tell people what you do Expectations At the end of this module: most students will: be able to describe their home including its location, age, layout and furniture. They will be able to describe their town and include the names of shops and other key buildings. some students will not have made so much progress and will: be able to name most furniture items, rooms and key buildings. They will be able to say where the rooms are in their home and whether they like living there or not. some students will have progressed further and will: be able to make comparisons between their home in the UK and their home in their country of origin. They will be able to write a description of their town and compare this with a description of other towns. They will be able to talk about their ambitions.

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