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Reading Skills

Reading Skills

Owner: Ignacio Agurcia
Skils that will help reading in high school and college that will improve comprehension and focus. 1. Visualize A. Create a mental picture or movie of what is happening in the story. B. Before reading the text, ask yourself what you know about it, and VISUALIZE. 2. Monitor Your Understanding A. Ask yourself: Does this make sense? B. Re-read C. Summarize and put information into your own words. D. Look for unknown vocabulary. Look for definitions and write them down by hand. 3. Ask yourself questions. A. Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? B. Research about topic, answer your questions. 4. Predict : What can happen next? 5. Connect: Does this remind me of anything? *Whenever you're reading an educational textbook, pay attention to the diagrams, illustrations and visual tips. Diagrams and illustrations will help you remember the information in the future.

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