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SRM 6.0 Training: Flipped Classroom - Inquiry Object

SRM 6.0 Training: Flipped Classroom - Inquiry Object

The Salesforce SRM implementation is one of Kaplan's Revolution Projects that were launched in 2013. A Revolution Project is an initiative that aligns with one or more of KHEG's strategic pillars and is in support of the Kaplan Way. The revolution projects are prioritized for enterprise-wide execution throughout each year. The goal of this revolution project is to transform business processes in conjunction with the implementation of a new platform that is meant to change our system of engagement with students. Salesforce is the tool for Customer relationship management (CRM), or in our case Student Relationship Management (SRM), which places the focus on a company's most valuable assets: it's customers - or, in our case, students. SRM involves identifying what students want and then systematically aligning all processes to meet these demands. Salesforce is the technology application and SRM is our model. Student Relationship Management (SRM) technology is currently being introduced across Kaplan Higher Education Group.

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