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Tutorials:  Advanced Options

Tutorials: Advanced Options

Owner: carolyn fruin
Tutorials are short lessons that focus on single objectives/ideas that a student can view in a short amount of time. They can also be viewed as many times a learner may need. A teacher can create single tutorials or use any available tutorials shared in the SOPHIA community. Knowing that students learn in many ways, included as possible media types are videos, screencasts, text, pdf documents, etc. There is a FREE screen recording capacity built into the platform so you don't need to upload from other sites if you prefer not to. This series of lessons will show you around the basics of a tutorial - how to begin, how to add an image and description and how to insert content. Using keywords in the Sophia search bar will help you find what you are looking for. DON'T FORGET TO FOLLOW THIS PLAYLIST - YOU'LL BE NOTIFIED AS NEW INFORMATION IS ADDED!
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