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Unit 1  Science Class Basics

Unit 1 Science Class Basics

Owner: Caitlin Meador
In order to function as a scientist, there are certain skills that we all have to master and understand to be the best scientists we can be. This will include, but is not limited to: How to set up and put together an appropriate experiment, how to use materials safely and correctly, associating the appropriate mathematical operations with the appropriate method, collecting and analyzing data and sharing your results. This is the journey that we will all be on this year and is the foundation of everything that we need to know as young and budding scientists. Objectives: By the end of each respective tutorial, you should be able to do the following tasks: Lab Safety 1. Describe safe and unsafe lab procedures. 2. Explain the importance of lab safety. 3. Demonstrate an understanding of lab safety that in graphical, verbal, kinesthetic and written forms. Scientific Method: Questions, Design and Methods 1. Identify testable and non testable questions 2. Write your own testable questions. 3. Determine whether or not an experiment is controlled. 4. Identify the dependent, independent and controlled variables. 5. Design your own experiment using design constraints and specific materials that will performed by you the student. Scientific Method-Collecting, analyzing and understanding data. 1. Students will be able to use the appropriate tools to collect data. 2. Students will be able to qualitatively (observations) and quantitatively (numbers) collect and represent data. 3. Students will be able to correctly construct and explain data tables and graphs. 4. Students will be able to look at data and create conclusion based on this information that is both verbal, graphical and written. Mathematics in Science 1. Correctly convert from metric units out to 10^24 and 10^-24. 2. Accurately use the dimensional analysis method to convert metric-metric units; english to metric units; and mixed units. 3. Explain how to use the dimensional analysis method of unit conversion verbally and written.

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