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Unit 4: Magnetism, Electricity, and Electromagnetism

Unit 4: Magnetism, Electricity, and Electromagnetism

Students will be able to analyze the properties of magnets and magnetic fields. They will describe how a generator produces an electric current from the interaction of magnetic and electric field lines; they will illustrate the lines too. In electricity, students will define current and explain the parts of a circuit as well as the movement of electrical charges. In addition, they will demonstrate series and parallel circuits as well as explain the advantage and disadvantages of each circuit. Finally, students will investigate applications of magnetism and its relationship to the movement of electrical charge as it relates to electromagnets, simple motors, and permanent magnets. Students will investigate friction, induction, and conduction of static electricity. The will explain the flow of electrons in terms of alternating and direct current. Finally, using math, students will explain the relationship among voltage, resistance, and current. Here are the steps to have done by the due date on your Unit Plan. 1. Watch and take notes 2. Complete the Summarizing Questions. They are located under the video and should be written in your notebook under your notes. 3. Write 1 question using the questions on the back of the Unit Plan to help you. That is it. Bring those three things everyday to class and you will be able to do the fun activities for the day. Otherwise, you will be doing the above in class and missing out on the activities.
magnetism, Electromagnetism, electricity, series circuits, parallel circuits

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