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Writing Skills

Writing Skills

Owner: Michelle Zuniga
Writing Skills Importance of Writing: •Communicating through writing is one of the most important skills you’ll ever acquire, writing as many other skills can be learned with practice and effort. 5 simple steps for writing: 1. Prepare: To prepare yourself for writing, you can establish a schedule in which you can estimate how long each step will take, to be sure as well you leave enough time for proof reading. 2. Organize: •Choose a topic that meets every requirement that might interest you, sometimes we tend to have main ideas but we don’t quite know how to put them in order. •Ask yourself questions about the topic concerning length, purpose and style of your paper. •Determine if you want to entertain, persuade or inform the reader. 3. Write: Write your paper after you've prepared for you writing and organized your ideas. 4. Edit: •It is highly recommended for you to research and gather information so you can review your material. Proof reading is really important after you finish your first draft. • Be sure to include each resource you use in order to fill up your bibliography. 5. Review: proof read and revise for any spelling mistakes. Number your pages and make sure to cite all of your sources in the bibliography.

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