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English ACT Test Preparation

English ACT Test Preparation

We show you which grammar and punctuation rules are covered to eliminate anxiety about what will be on the test. By breaking the test down into manageable chunks, we make the content less overwhelming, and we also give you time management tips to help you get as many points as possible.

ACT English Test-Taking Tips

From time management to effective alternatives to cramming, we have created great resources to help you get the most out of all your hard work.

Take An ACT English Practice Test

Our 75 question ACT English Practice Test covers the subjects you’ll need to know. Our answer keys provide score conversion to actual ACT scores, so you’ll know where you need more practice for ACT English.

Try Your Hand at an ACT English Test Question

My older sister, not an outdoorsy type of person, finds the weeks at the cabin nearly intolerable. Once there, she complains incessantly that she’s hot, allergic, itchy, and bored. She lolls in the hammock most days, complaining.

My younger brother, 4conversely, readies his fishing paraphernalia a month in advance, and gathers a medley of nets and an assortment of containers to capture and imprison the insect specimens that he intends to collect.

  • 4.Which of the following alternatives to the underlined portion would be LEAST acceptable?