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Writing ACT Test Preparation

Writing ACT Test Preparation

Some students find the initial prompt intimidating, so we'll show you the formula for a crafting successful essay that will get you over this hurdle. We offer pointers on how to dissect the prompt and get your thoughts organized quickly, so you can tackle the essay precisely and efficiently.

ACT Writing Test-Taking Tips

From time management to effective alternatives to cramming, we have created great resources to help you get the most out of all your hard work.

Take An ACT Writing Practice Test

Our ACT Writing Practice Test features sample prompts to help familiarize you with the test format so you’ll be confident and prepared.

Try Your Hand at an ACT Writing Test Question

Many schools across the nation advocate the use of student uniforms to decrease student distractions and improve academic outcomes. Those who disagree argue that uniforms stifle creativity and limit the development of student individuality.

  • In your essay, take a position on this issue and explain why you support that position.