Professional Development

Professional Developement Certificate

Professional Development for Teachers

We love the passion, expertise and dedication you bring to teaching. That's why we're committed to helping you grow and achieve in the classroom and beyond. Our technology-driven tools help support your career growth, enhance your teaching skills and increase your flipped classroom's overall achievement.

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Flipped Classroom Certification

Flipping your classroom is simple, and our certification program lets you get certified quickly and easily. Streamline your classes and get more time for one-on-one learning opportunities by using video tutorials instead of traditional homework and lectures.

What's a Flipped Classroom?

iPad® Prepared Certification

Get one-on-one tablet instruction from other teachers using the iPad® in their classrooms. We'll show you how to create and distribute course materials, add fresh content and much more.

Chrome Classroom Certification

Make the most of Chrome technology in your classroom. We'll show you how to utilize Google drive to create shared documents, develop a collaborative student environment and build formative assessments for your students.

Virtual Classroom Certification

Use the latest and greatest trends in educational technology to easily build and manage an integrated online classroom to use in a traditional, flipped or blended environment. We'll show you how to use data to teach and reach all students, and how to use groups to create, share, and organize class curriculum.