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College Algebra

Whether it's been awhile or you want to push yourself further in Algebra to see what level you might be at, try a College Prep Pathway.

Fractional Exponents

Roots can be presented in a number of ways, Fractional Exponents, while they may sound complicated are just another way to write them. By taking this pathway you will learn or review how Roots and Fractional Exponents are related, how to covert between these different forms, as well as the different rules governing fractional exponents such as Power Rule with Fractional Exponents.

Roots and Powers in Equations

Opposites attract, and in algebra this is no different. Powers and roots may be opposite types of operations, but when they come together they can help use solve many equations. This pathway serves as an introduction or review of Solving Root Equations, by understanding it you will gain a better appreciation of Radical Functions in the Real World.

Introduction to Roots

Roots are not just unique to plants, believe it or not algebraic functions can also contain roots, although, admittedly, they are of a different nature. In this pathway you will learn how to work with and analyze concepts such as Square Roots and Taking Even Roots of Negative Numbers. By understanding these concepts you will allow algebraic roots to help grow your ability to perform an endless number of calculations, from understanding how an object falls to the earth or how the suspension on a car works.

Introduction to Statistics

Earn points, watch your progress and quiz yourself as you refresh for college level coursework or get ahead in a current class.

Introduction to Probability

Whether you are trying to predict the chance it will rain tomorrow, the odds your favorite sports team will win their next game, or the chance that a part on your car will fail, you will use the concept of probability. However, before you begin making such calculations go through this pathway to gain a grasp of or review the basics of probability by first understanding Outcomes and Events as well as some of the guiding principles of the Law of Large Numbers/Law of Averages.

Line of Best Fit

While taking algebra have you ever wondered what uses there are for linear equations? Well it wasn’t just so that your algebra teacher could give you homework. In fact, linear equations play a big role in helping statisticians find correlations between two or more sets of data. So whether you want to determine a relationship between alcohol consumption and heart disease or stock market fluctuations and political turmoil this pathway will help you gain an understanding of Best-fit Line and Regression Line so that you can make Predictions from Best-fit Lines.

Human Biology

Get ahead or prep for college classes by learning Scientific concepts. Quiz yourself and earn points, but most importantly learn the way that works for you.

The Circulatory System

This pathway is designed to introduce you to body system called the cardiovascular system. You will learn what the cardiovascular system is, what it does and what organs and other structures it is composed of. 

Human Biology Basics

This pathway is designed to give you basic information needed to build a foundation that will allow you to have a better understanding of many human biology concepts. You will understand how organisms are classified, get an overview of the 11 body systems and understand how and why the body uses and produces energy.