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5 things I learned from the ACT's

This weekend marks another Saturday that students will sit for hours in hopes of receiving the best score possible. Here are 5 things preparing and taking the ACT's taught me.

Bill Nye's magnetic personality gets students thinking STEM

There's nothing more exciting than sparking the interest of students in science. Why not use a hands on approach and have your students take home a working magnet they can share with family and friends? See what Bill Nye has in store for you now.

Teachers, Let Bill Nye light a fire under the students in your classroom

This classic demonstration will have even the most clever students thinking twice. See how the Science Guy blows out a candle while it is INSIDE a jar!

How a drinking bird can get students excited about science

What does Bill Nye the Science Guy have in store for you today in his lessons? Here's a fun science demonstration that is a great fit for your classroom and students of all ages.