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QR Codes: QRafting a New Method for Parent/Teacher Communications

Written by:  Guest Authors Angie Kaltoff and Sara Norman

Another school year is here and so is the paperwork and communication nightmares. QR codes can be an easy way to welcome back students and communicate with families.  Here are just a few ideas on how QR codes might be able to make your life a little easier in the classroom.

Create a QR code that parents scan that will directly import your contact information into their phones

Add this to your syllabus or business card you hand out at open house or orientation. Take it a step further and create a 'Meet the Teacher' or 'Intro to 2nd Grade' video, QR code it and then post it in your classroom. This can be a fun way for families to pass the time while they wait to speak with you on busy event nights!

Place a QR code at each important stop on a school tour (places like the office, nurses office, library checkout, computer lab, or cafeteria)
Have students in older grades or from the year before describe what happens where.  What a great way to introduce the school to new students!  Another way to utilize QR codes is for the benefit of your EL families.  We are in the process of having our cultural navigators create short informational videos about each stop on our school tours in different languages. We then create a QR code to the video, so when someone scans the QR code they are taken directly to that informational video. Thus allowing our EL families to hear important information in their native language, increasing understanding and establishing a welcoming environment for everyone!

Add QR codes onto all that paperwork!
Creating short how-to-fill-out-this-form or what-to-do-with-these-papers videos and linking them to the mass amounts of paperwork being handed out to families can decrease parent anxiety about getting everything to where it needs to be. Not to mention that you could  translate any information into different languages so all parents can understand what is happening or have it available if someone isn't able to read.  Having audio can be extremely helpful to all families!

These are just a sample of the ways teachers might utilize QR codes and technology in schools at the beginning of the year! 

Read more about QR codes on thetechieteachersblogspot

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