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Sophia Employee Showcase: Michael Wood

Get to know Michael Wood, Sophia Director of Technology

Sophia Title: Director of Technology
Education background: BA from St. John's College (Great Books program), as well as graduate work with math and computer science. Hired by Los Alamos National Laboratory before I could finish my Masters degree.
Hometown: Alfred, NY (born in Chicago). Grew up in a low-end college town in a poor farming area with natural beauty.
Fun Fact about you: I've had multiple enlightenment experiences. I've had a lifetime relationship with Integral Philosophy, which provides a great balance between inner and outer, as well as East and West. Also lived in Manhattan for six years and performed professionally as a modern dancer for a year.
Something that always makes you smile? Creative genius in my kids and grandkids. Never expected it to be this way, but raising kids and grandkids is a great gift.
Favorite thing about school? Socratic Dialog (in college). St. John's was entirely based on dialog in seminars of a dozen or so students and a couple of tutors (professors). This is a brilliant way to learn, and allows truth to emerge from a complex diversity of viewpoints, experience and intentions.
Favorite thing about Sophia? A couple of steps forward in bringing education into the Internet Age. I enjoy learning and I yearn for the yet-to-be-determined future of education!

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