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Teachers, here's what you need to know for the end of the year

For many of you, school is over. For the rest of you, hang on, it's just around the corner! We want to help make it easy to organize courses from this year and get a jump start on next year. Here's a helpful list of things to do and it only takes a few clicks! 

Great news is, you don't need to start from scratch! The great course you built this year, can be used again and again.

Organize Your Groups

  • Make a Copy of the Course. Once your classes are finished, you can make a copy of your group for next year. This saves all of the content exactly as you built it minus the group wall posts and members. You'll want to go into the group settings and be sure you adjust your preferences of posting and adding content.
  • Group Names. If you want to reuse the name of one of your groups next year, be sure to rename this year's group to distinguish it. All groups you own or are a member of will remain in your group lists until you actually delete it or remove yourself. 
  • New Groups. When next school year comes around, you can create new groups for any new courses. Students can join your "copied" new group using the six-digit code. No two groups have the same code.
  • Hiding Playlists/Tutorials. With all of your materials up and ready, you may want to "hide" curriculum until you introduce it in class. You can do this on the group page content area. Clicking on the eye in the lower left of each tutorial/playlist will hide it from student view. Click again to open it up when you're ready to share with your students.

Manage Student Activity

  • Make sure students know that they have full access to your course, however, they will not be able to add content or make comments.
  • Once you have "archived" a group, be sure to go in and adjust the settings to disable comments and adding content. Students will be able to go back and always access the great information and read posts, but essentially the group is frozen to any actions or changes.

Export Your Group Data

  • Although data get archived along with your groups, we recommend exporting your data as a backup beforehand. This saves your data as a .CSV file, which you can also import into other grading programs.

It's just that easy - sort of like sitting back, grabbing a good book and taking a break. Whether its a long one or short one (yeah, summer school...) just make sure to take care of yourself. You've worked hard, achieved much and made it through another year. THANK YOU!

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