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Sophia for Teachers

Sophia makes it easier than ever to flip your classroom with our free teacher tools for blended learning. Transform your classroom into an active learning environment with our groups, quizzes, and tutorials features. You can also track student progress every step of the way with our data and analytics. Additionally, we offer awesome ways to continue your professional development.

And it’s all free.

Free Professional Development

Choose from over 20 free online courses and earn clock hours on your schedule.

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Common Core And Next Generation Science-Aligned Lessons

It’s easy to start integrating Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards into your classroom. As an added benefit, all our pathways feature Sophia’s Many Ways to Learn, an innovative approach that uses multiple instructors and teaching methods to explain concepts, so students can grasp ideas in ways that fit their learning style.

Free Resources for Your Classroom

Transform your classroom with fresh content, boost your interactive course materials, create tutorials, or flip your classroom with the latest and greatest Sophia resources.

  • Group On!

    Start by creating a group. Gathering your students in private groups settings is a great way to keep everyone connected while letting them access lessons, ask questions and get their chat on.

  • Got Content?

    Next, design amazing tutorials for your class with Sophia’s lesson-building tools. Grab their attention with text, images, audio, video, screencasts – or anything else you dream up. You can create playlists from your own content or mix and match from more than 37,000 of our tutorials.

  • Think Quizzes

    Go ahead and create your own quizzes, or use our formative assessment quizzing tool. It's a handy way to save instructional time and monitor your class's progress with immediate, useful feedback.

  • Analyze This

    Our powerful analytics let you track student performance in real time, at the concept level, so you can better understand what's working for them and where they need more help. The more you know about your students, the better you're able to meet their individual needs and help boost their achievement.

  • Path-O-Logic

    Challenge gifted students or help those who are struggling with Sophia Pathways. Our Pathways use Sophia's Many Ways model that offers multiple teaching styles for every concept. Students can take quizzes to help them and you monitor their progress as they complete each pathway. Whether you're building an after-school enrichment program or a credit recovery course, we have everything you need to boost achievement.


What teachers are saying about Sophia.

Sophia lets students study at their own pace and videos are accessible from most electronic devices. Some of my students watch my videos on their iPod Touches while traveling to and from extracurricular activities.
Chad Bray High School Math Teacher
Sophia gives me more class-time to do projects that really take learning to a deeper level of understanding. Kids do better on tests, not because they can answer test questions well, but because they actually have the knowledge to do the math.
Todd Nesloney Math Teacher
Society is changing and becoming more technologically advanced. It is nice to be able to have a combination of face-to-face interaction with enhancements like Sophia. I've seen a 20% decline in the number of students who drop or fail my class.
Aaron Mullally College Professor
Chad Bray High School Math Teacher
Todd Nesloney Math Teacher
Aaron Mullally College Professor