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In Humanities, you will explore the far corners of the world and connect every person with one common thread: Humanity. Where have we been, and where are we going? These questions will be answered through the lens of History, Philosophy and Religion. In History, you will understand how events, methods and consequences are not things that only happened in the past, but become blueprints for what we can expect in the future. Philosophy is a thrilling kaleidoscope of perspectives, theories, and approaches to answering the big questions in life about the origin of human existence and even supernatural or spiritual beings. The Introduction to the Study of Religions can help you make sense of your own experiences and beliefs, but also explore what others believe. While there are a variety of belief systems and religions in our world, you will learn about the Common Elements of Religions, and discover Religion's Impact on Individuals, Society & World. Humanities covers the spectrum of understand what it means to be human.

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Approaches to Studying Religions

Study concepts, common characteristics and the function of religion in human life.

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