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Perhaps you didn't wake up this morning with the intention of learning about Rotational Inertia & Newton's First Law of Motion, but Physics provides a unique look at how elements work together. Did you know that some highway designs are based on findings by a physicist working with water? While studying Newton's Laws of Motion, you will learn about Forces & Motion: what happens behind the scenes when objects move toward or away from each other. Energy, Momentum and Circular Motion provides foundational information about what makes our universe tick. If you have questions about how the world works, come find your answers with Physics.

Next Generation Science Standards-Aligned Tutorials and Pathways

We want to make it simple for you to begin integrating Next Generation Science-Aligned Lessons into your classroom. Our Science Pathways feature in-depth, relevant content that aligns to these new standards. As an added benefit, these Pathways use Sophia’s Many Ways To Learn, an innovative approach that features multiple instructors and teaching techniques to connect with all kinds of learning styles.