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Discover the world around you through the eyes of Sciences. Everything you touch, smell, hear and see helps you build scientific connections between you and your environment. Learn more about the planet on which you thrive, understand how life begins and adjusts to change, and take a look at the future of the world ahead of you. From Basic Science to Space Sciences, you will discover what impacts the world around you and how you affect the world in which you live. In Chemistry, you will learn about Thermochemistry and the 3 M's: Matter, Metrics and Measurement. In Physics, you will have the opportunity to understand the characteristics and laws of Energy, which will be sure to keep your Momentum going! Other areas such as Biology will tackle awe-inspiring information such as the Chemistry of Life. Your world will come to life with a new perspective with additional categories of Sciences such as Earth Sciences, Physical Sciences, Physics, and Human Biology. Be prepared to be learn about your world through the eyes of the Sciences, one of our most packed areas of expertise! ​

Next Generation Science Standards-Aligned Tutorials and Pathways

We want to make it simple for you to begin integrating Next Generation Science-Aligned Lessons into your classroom. Our Science Pathways feature in-depth, relevant content that aligns to these new standards. As an added benefit, these Pathways use Sophia’s Many Ways To Learn, an innovative approach that features multiple instructors and teaching techniques to connect with all kinds of learning styles.