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Social Sciences


If you break the word up, Sociology really means "the study of society". You will encounter theories and perspectives on human behavior, and methods for studying how and why we act the way we do. To create a strong foundation, Sociological Perspectives, Theories, & Methods will provide basics on research and leaders in the field. If Culture and Deviance is something that fascinates you, launch into the understanding of Norms, Values and Beliefs. Each area of study in Sociology overlaps into the next to provide a solid grasp of Perspectives on Modern Society while taking a hard look at Diversity, Stratification and Inequality. This is the place to go when wanting to understand the roots of Social Interaction & Collective Behavior.

Social Sciences Courses for College Credit

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Introduction to Psychology

Study the brain, lifespan development, personality, social influence, and psychopathology.

Introduction to Sociology

Learn how individuals and society as a whole understand their collective social realities.

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