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Trigonometry unveils a wide range of concepts and levels on which to expand your knowledge. Examine and explore the mathematical relationships between sides and angles in our Trigonometric Ratios topic. Discover how Sine and Cosine are also used as Trigonometric Equations when an angle measurement is a variable and master the intricacies of applications and methods. As an interdisciplinary study Trigonometry incorporates many aspects in the field of mathematics such as our topic Unit Circle which is rooted in Geometry. Geometry is a powerful application that provides a visual tool that helps you better understand what the trigonometric ratios represent. Mastering the Trigonometric Identities and Angle Identities is useful for simplifying expressions and equations, but the real power of Trigonometry lies in Trigonometric Applications. Learn how to apply this knowledge in our topic of Inverse Trigonometric Functions, where you will solve for distances and height. From Basic Identies to Advanced Triangle Problems, you will become proficient in the applications, methods and equations presented in our Trigonometry course and elevate your mastery of skills within the subject of Mathematics.

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