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Can a colleague and I who teach the same subject collaborate on tutorials? And a copyright question

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Can a colleague and I who teach the same subject collaborate on tutorials? And a copyright question
William  Ferguson
William Ferguson
Two of us teach the same chemistry courses. We'd like to both be able to work on tutorials and playlists and share them. But we'd also like to keep our tutorials published only to our groups. Can this be done? I cannot figure out how to get him access to the tutorials/playlists I've made up so he can publish them for his classes.

I am guessing part of the issue is that I've only published the tutorials for MY GROUP, to to all sophia users. I did this because I'm not certain of some copyright issues. If I embed a youtube video that I didn't make into a sophia tutorial, is this a copyright violation if I publish it for all the sophia users to see? Similarly, if I post an exerpt of an ebook in pdf form (from am I violating copyright if all sophia users have access to this? (I am crediting the creators of these resources) I know I"m allowed to use these resources for my own students. I'm not sure how it works when I start embedding them into sophia tutorials.

Any advice is appreciated.
Sep. 09, 2015 at 12:30 pm
carolyn fruin
If you are using OER that has been found on the network and cite appropriately, you can publish to the world and all can see them. If you publish only to a group, they are the only ones that can see it. You can make your colleague a "co-owner" of the group. You might want to do this for free access to large numbers of learners. However, you may want to still keep your students separate if you happen to be analyzing the data.
Email me from my profile if you have more questions. We could talk that way as well.
Oct. 26, 2015 at 2:52 pm

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