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NGSS and traditional HS courses

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NGSS and traditional HS courses
Lee Boyes
I am interested in how HS science teachers are envisioning changes as NGSS comes on board. For example, all physical science is under one umbrella now but the amount of traditional chemistry content seems minimal. Most of the focus is on physics. Is this because the engineering component is easier to do with physics? Are folks planning to change over to a more "integrated" approach at HS as well as MS?
Jun. 29, 2014 at 3:16 pm
David Prindle
So far in Michigan it has not been adopted. This year our legislature has opted out of the SBAC. I don't really like the NGSS. It really depend on the lower levels (K-8) to "teach" content. Plus there is a huge emphasis on Earth Science (which I don't mind since my major was Geology). But when 1/3 of the test is going to be on Earth Science and it is not a graduation requirement. It also has nearly the same number of standards that Biology does. I do object to the real lack of Chemistry in that a majority of students take Chemistry in HS rather than Physics. I also don't like that it is all about process and analysis which is not bad but if you don't include content how is any analysis going to take place? I real hope that we get to see the types of questions that are going to be on the tests. Currently in MI we are barred from seeing the tests (MME) or the questions. So any gap analysis is useless. One of our main tests that counts against our school and my evaluation is the ACT which in reality is not Science. We are waiting for this year to change our 9th grade Science to an integrated one until we see the NGSS is going to be adopted.
Jul. 03, 2014 at 5:55 pm
Lee Boyes
Thank you David. As a teacher of chemistry for the past 33 years, I agree that the lack of it as a separate strand runs the risk of losing it although the content is embedded in other areas. We here in CA have had some ridiculous standards for the past 14 years with 187 in physical sciences including Earth, Space, Chem and Physics so we have been teaching a freshman course called physical science where we touched on as many as possible for those who do not go on to take chem or physics later on. We have been giving those students the STAR Earth science test even though we do not teach a strictly Earth science course.
I also agree that the process focus will have to be with CONTENT as you cannot process nothing! Interesting times. Happy 4th
Jul. 04, 2014 at 1:08 pm

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