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Calculating the Area of two-dimensional shapes is a skill that transcends all areas of study within Geometry. We will practice the basics with the Area formula, Calculating the Area of a Triangle, and Estimating the Area of a Circle. Try challenging your geometric comprehension with Area of a Parallelogram with Triangles and Rectangles or Calculating the Area of a Triangle. We provide concepts for you to perfect and challenge your level of mastery. Designed with the tools and applications for calculating Area formula, this course will provide proficiency and mastery at all levels.

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Pathways that Teach Area

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Area Pathway
Concepts: 29
Quiz Points: 435
CCSS Math Standard 6.EE.2c
Concepts: 4
Quiz Points: 60
CCSS Math Standard 6.G.1
Concepts: 2
Quiz Points: 30
CCSS Math Standard 7.G.6
Concepts: 4
Quiz Points: 60
New Classrooms Teach to One: Math - Skill 153
Concepts: 5
Quiz Points: 75