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Compound Names and Formulas

In Compound Names and Formulas, you will examine the rules, methods and processes for organizing and categorizing all things Chemistry. Central to this course is making connections and relationships between compounds, which can be found in our introductory lesson, Summary of Compound Types. By graduating into more advanced lessons, you will learn that elements found in nature combine into compounds in order to become more stable, fulfilling the Octet Rule. Whether it involves hydrogen and oxygen bonding together to form a water molecule, or sodium and chlorine forming a salt crystal, the formation of a compound is a crucial concept in Chemistry. You will learn to identify the types of compounds that form in our Summary of Compound Types lesson, and distinguish between ionic compounds in Ionic Compounds: Defining Binary Compounds. Learn how bonds are formed by sharing electrons in Covalent Compounds: Definition of Binary Compounds. With an eye on the detailed language of Chemistry, we give you the skills and insights to Covalent Compounds: Formulas from Binary Compound Names. Discover, examine and master the language and connections that comprise the backbone of Chemistry basics in Compound Names and Formulas.

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Compound Names and Formulas Pathway
Concepts: 20
Quiz Points: 300