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Basic Science


Can you imagine a world without lights, computers, cars or planes? What is the required fuel your body needs in order to move? Energy. Learn what makes innovations come to life by exploring Energy: Machines, Motion and Light. Every living thing needs energy, whether it is kinetic, potential, or requires a precise exchange of it. Learn about Radiation and Energy and discover the light spectrum and its influences on living things. Wavelengths and visible light have a powerful impact on every form of life. Learn what makes the world an active and exciting place in this Basic Science topic!

Next Generation Science Standards-Aligned Tutorials and Pathways

We want to make it simple for you to begin integrating Next Generation Science-Aligned Lessons into your classroom. Our Science Pathways feature in-depth, relevant content that aligns to these new standards. As an added benefit, these Pathways use Sophia’s Many Ways To Learn, an innovative approach that features multiple instructors and teaching techniques to connect with all kinds of learning styles.

Pathways that Teach Energy

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Energy Pathway
Concepts: 4
Quiz Points: 60