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Basic Science

History of the Earth

Our Basic Science department integrate many areas of science to create a comprehensive topic that will be sure elevate your knowledge of the History of the Earth. This course will delve into the origins, transformation and future of our planet. By exploring the earth's ever-changing evolution over 4.6 billion years, you will identify the classification of different eras and ages. Being proficient in areas such as distinguishing between the Paleozoic Era and the Mesozoic Era is the mission of this topic. The History of the Earth is rich in details which are discovered even today. Fossils communicate the story of environment and forms of life. The discovery of organic remains from a previous time articulates events such as Glaciation and the evolution of structure on the planet. With the mastery of evidence and facts, you will learn to analyze and identify the chronological order of life forms such those existing in the Archean Age and Proterozoic Age. Life and planetary structure come together in History of the Earth to intensify the study of living things and their environment.

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History of the Earth Pathway
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