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Algebra 2

Introduction to Vectors

An Introduction to Vectors will familiarize you with Geometric Vectors, Vector Components, and Vector Notation. We will explore operations with vectors, including Vector Addition and Vector Scalar Multiplication. You will practice Calculating the Magnitude of a Vector and Determining Vector Equivalency. With a foundational understand of Vectors, you will be prepared to study more advanced vector topics, including 3 Dimensional Vectors. Master the concept of vectors to prepare you for more complex equations within the field of Calculus.

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Pathways that Teach Introduction to Vectors

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CCSS Math Standard 9-12.N.VM.1
Concepts: 2
Quiz Points: 30
CCSS Math Standard 9-12.N.VM.4a
Concepts: 3
Quiz Points: 45
CCSS Math Standard 9-12.N.VM.4c
Concepts: 2
Quiz Points: 30
CCSS Math Standard 9-12.N.VM.5a
Concepts: 2
Quiz Points: 30
Introduction to Vectors Pathway
Concepts: 19
Quiz Points: 285