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Mastery of the Essential Elements of Macromolecules are necessary to establish a solid foundation of comprehension within the field of Biology. From the most basic concept What is a macromolecule? to more advanced levels of Quaternary Structure of Proteins, this Biology course will discover, explore and analyze the structure and function of all Macromolecules. Learn to identify and differentiate between Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, and Polysaccharides and achieve a basic understanding of the components. Characteristics such as DNA vs RNA, Lipids - Phospholipids and Nucleic Acids comprise the backbone of this Macromolecules course to establish applications, methods and components found in more advanced levels in Biology.

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Macromolecules Pathway
Concepts: 18
Quiz Points: 270
NGSS Standard HS-LS1-6
Concepts: 7
Quiz Points: 105