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Reasoning and Proofs

Geometry demands the mastery of topics such as Deductive Reasoning and the Laws of Logic to make mathematical arguments. Our course is designed to establish many levels of proficiency. Using the information found in our Deductive Reasoning and the Laws of Logic topic, you will aplly the Language of Geometry to make various Types of Proofs to verify relationships between angles and lines in geometric figures. Geometric proofs explain relationships between angles and shapes in Geometry. When Proving Angles are Complementary with Perpendicular Lines, step-by-step explanations and factual evidence is required. There are a variety of Methods of Proofs used in Geometry. For example, covered in our topic Testing a Generalization and Counterexamples, you will develop the skills to prove a certain relationship is not always true. By applying many different aspects of Geometry to to our Reasoning and Proofs topic, you will develop high level proficiencies required for advanced level Geometry.​

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Reasoning and Proofs Pathway
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