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Did you know that the air you breathe is a solution of gases? Or that the sterling silver jewelry you wear is a solution of solids? Most of the time, when we think of Solution Vocabulary, we think of something dissolved in water. That type of solution is a liquid solution. Of course, Water as a Solvent creates the most common type of solution, but many types of solutions exist. In studying Solutions, you will understand that Parts per Million is how you count up a solution and a Solubility Chart helps you identify the nature of different types of solution. You will learn the Definition of Saturated/Unsaturated solutions as well as understanding Strong and Weak Electrolytes. Chemistry is all around us. We breathe it in, we wear it on our bodies, and it is always around us. With Solutions, you will be able to identify how to calculate and manipulate the different Factors Affecting Solubility.

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