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Have you ever heard the expression “It’s Greek to me!”? The word Stoichometry comes from the Greek language and is a term used in Chemistry to describe the amounts of reactants and products involved in a chemical reaction. The basic foundation is explored in Chemical Reactions - Stoichiometry and takes you all the way to Converting from Mass A to Particles B Using a Balanced Chemical Equation. How do you calculate amounts of reactants used and products formed in a chemical reaction? In Limiting Reactant - Theoretical Yield and Limiting Reactant Definition, you will be well-equipped to answer this question. You will also learn the process of Converting from Mass A to Volume B Using a Balanced Chemical Equation as you apply your newly learned stoichiometry skills. This topic is all about reaction and learning how to convert, limit and balance it. Keep moving forward with Limiting Reaction - Percent Yield and continue to deepen your knowledge in the science of reaction.

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Stoichiometry Pathway
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