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Basic Science

The Biosphere

From the Temperate Grasslands to the Coniferous Forests, our Basics Sciences course The Biosphere unveils a wide range of concepts that cover key details involved in the ecosystems on earth. By examining the classifications within Tropical Forests, you will identify key aspects that differentiate one from another. Become proficient in how Oceans impact and affect our planet and all life forms that reside on it. Learn to distinguish between Freshwater Biomes and Terrestrial Biomes. Learn the difference between Chaparral and Savannas by analyzing key aspects demonstrated in each. With its holistic approach to The Biosphere, this course gives you the skills and insights to identify, distinguish and evaluate our global habitat.

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Pathways that Teach The Biosphere

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The Biosphere Pathway
Concepts: 12
Quiz Points: 180