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The Mole

In our Chemistry course, you will work with atoms, molecules and ions, which make up all the elements and compounds with which we are familiar. Chemists have defined a unit that makes it easier to work with very large amounts of particles – the mole. The Mole as a Quantity is similar to the concept of a dozen. When you hear the word “dozen”, you know that it refers to twelve. In chemistry, one mole is 602,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 particles. Not your average baker's dozen. As you study this concept, you will learn the simple task of Converting from Volume to Moles, Converting Grams to Particles and Converting Particles to Grams. Learn about the elements and compounds that are surrounding you right now and see how they are calculated, weighed and converted in The Mole!

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The Mole Pathway
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