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Author: Elena Yoo

ドリーム カム トゥルー Dreams come true という グループの LOVE LOVE LOVE を歌って、歌詞(かし)を 通して 文法を勉強する。

Learn Japanese pronunciation and grammar by singing and studying the lyrics of LOVE LOVE LOVE by Dreams Come True.








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How to study this tutorial

  1. First, play YouTube video and get familiar with the song.
  2. Read out loud the lyrics in Hiragana.
  3. Go to Quizlet digital flash card at the bottom. Unclick "both sides" button and choose either Japanese or English for words and phrases in the lyrics.
  4. Go back and listen to the video until you memorize the lyrics.

Singing is one of the best ways to built up on vocabulary & learn native's pronunciation.  This song is very short and simple, so perfect for learning Japanese language.

LOVE LOVE LOVE by Dreams Come True

LOVE LOVE LOVE  の 歌詞(かし = lyrics)と 意味(いみ=meaning)

ねぇ どうして すっごく すごく好(す)きなこと

ただ 伝(つた)えたいだけなのに ルルルルル
Hey, why is it so hard to just express how I feel?
ねぇ せめて 夢(ゆめ)で会(あ)いたい と願(ねが)う
夜(よる)に限って(かぎって ) 一度(いちど)も 
出(で)てきては くれないね
And why is it that you don't even come out in my dream when I'm dying to see you?
ねぇ どうして すごく愛(あい)してる人に
愛(あい)してると 言うだけで 
Hey, why is it that tears start flowing when I tell you that I love you?
少(すこ)しずつ 思い出(おもいで)になっても
Even if the day we met is turning into a memory.
愛(あい)してる 愛(あい)してる ルルルル
I love you, I love you.
ねぇ どうして
涙(なみだ)が 出ちゃうんだろう
涙(なみだ)が 出ちゃうんだろう
Why is it that the tears start flowing?
LOVE LOVE 愛を叫(さけ)ぼう 愛(あい)を呼(よ)ぼう
LOVE LOVE 愛を叫(さけ)ぼう 愛(あい)を呼(よ)ぼう
Love, love, let's shout out love.  Let's call out for love.

Quizlet で 歌詞(かし)を勉強しよう

Study and practice the lyrics for this song with Quizlet digital flashcard. Unclick or click the language choice to study from Japanese or English. You can also choose study mode and play different learning games.