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第一课: 买文具

第一课: 买文具

Author: Liying Wei

  1. Students are able to use Chinese language to describe the different kind of stationery  including color, shape, and price

      after they have completed the lesson one.


  2. Students are able to tell the units of Chinese currency such as 元,角,分 等。


• Pre-reading:

                        a. Show the real “文 具” to the students and lead the students’ discussion;

                        b. Describe the picture of lesson one and predict the topic;

                        c. Students need to describe their shopping experience


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第一课:生字 和课文

During reading:

     a. Study the words and phrases from the lesson one (page 2 on textbook)

     b. Students need to know:  (要求学生: 会读, 知道字的部首, 词的定义, 及如何造句)

        1).The pronunciation, 2). Radicals,  3). Definitions,  and 4). How to make sentences

Source: Overseas Chinese language and culture education online

Do the quiz on quizlet

Students can go to quizlet at to study or review vocabulary at their home.

Analyze/comprehension the lesson one (分析理解课文的内容)

Go to the website and practice the text and answer the questions

1). Where is the story taken place?



2) How many characters in the story?



3) Describe one event in the story in Chinese.

Assignment: students need to fill out the story map

Learn units of Chinese currency: 元, 角, 分 等

Writing assignment

Writing a paragraph to answer following two questions.

Workbook Homework

Homework: workbook A : Page 1-7