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1. Monday 10/5/15

1. Monday 10/5/15

Author: Alex Olinger


Dialog Journals

You will be required to write 5 journal entries during this term. You can write them any time, but I will add a reminder every day. A journal entry should be 200-250 words and should contain any questions or comments you have to me. It may be about the content or a grammar question or a cultural question or comment. The purpose of this assignment is for me to get to know you better, especially to help you with your English needs. I will reply to your journal entry and maybe even adjust the syllabus if I feel that I need to address a common need.

Create Accounts - - You should have this if you're reading this message. If not, see Alex. - Make sure you're signed in. Follow directions on link if you didn't already sign up in class.

No Red Ink - - Use this code: 948kckd8

"The Company Man"

Read the article and underline or highlight anything you don't fully understand. We will go over your questions and have a discussion in class tomorrow about this article.

Geography - 50 States

I'm adding the link to my Prezi here so you can finish filling out your worksheet.

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Anamaniacs "States and Their Capitals" Song

Just for fun, watch and try to understand all that Wacko says.