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1 There are three financial balances referred to in the above...

1 There are three financial balances referred to in the above...

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700 to 1050 word article summary about a recent data breach or computer fraud at an organization to include the following:

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This set of questions relate to the following chart, which describes the sectoral financial balances in the US economy from 1952-2015
1 There are three financial balances referred to in the above chart. Explain briefly what each of these balances represents.    
2.Identify the approximate years of US government budget surpluses. Identify which of the other financial balances moved into deficit to allow a government surplus tohappen.
3. Suppose that the other financial balance you have identified in part b) had not moved into deficit. This would have affected the economy in a way which would have made it impossible for there to be a government surplus. Identify and briefly explain the reasons for this.                                                                          
4. Under what circumstances is it possible for a country to run a government surplus and a domestic private sector surplus at the same time?                                                                                
5. Consider the entire world as a single economy. If the world private sector wishes to net save over time, what must be true of the government budget balance? Explain your answer.                                                                                               

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