Author: Joyce Buda


1. which of the following would be significant factor in choosing to buy individual applications from differernt vendors opposed to a bundled suiteof applications from a single vendor (some of the applications in the bundled suite you will need to use?A. all individual apps vendors will ensure that thier individual apps work with your existing platforms and osB. purchasing many programs that will not be used may be more costly thanpurchasing only those you know you will useC. Different vendors are careful to make the user interface, common acrossvarious individual apps, making the learning curve that same as that for abundled suite2. When a party purchases an app from the author, the copyright transfers fromthe author to the buyer. what is this called?A. granting a license to use the softwareB. first sale doctrineC. the right of paternityD. the right of integrity3. Lynette makes frequent visits to her family and needs only the most basicfunctionality in the application she is going to use while having access to the internet. She does not like to carry a laptop or table with her on these visit.If cost and sequrity of data are not major considerations but ease of access is,which type of software is more likelt to support lynette?A. cloud or Saas softwareB. installed software4. some of the latest smartphonesclaim that a user can work with two appssimulataneously. this woulkd be an example of of a unit that uses a osA. multiprocessingB. multitasking5. A license has a reccurring monthly or yearly free associated with keeping the license valid.A. cloud- basedB. perpetual6. True or False? the cost of civil or criminal penalities to a buisness or person may be many times more expensive than the cost of acquiring the correct number of software licenses.A. TrueB. False7. True or False? whaen downloading a game to your smartphone,it is important to check the vendors website to see if your model of phone andos are listed as supporting this gameA. TrueB. False8. you just purchased the latest iphone. what type of software would you expect to find already instsalled? select yes or no for each optionA. FirmwareB. operating systemC. application9. which of the following would be considered an application software suite?A. open officeB. adobe acrobat readerC. safariD. angry birds10. True or False? one disadvantage of cloudware is that it is free?A. TrueB. False11. which of the following are factors that would impact a decision to use installed apps versus cloud-based apps? select yes or no for each optionA. you have reliable and high-speed internet accessB. one-time cost is considerably less than subscription fees calculatecd overa year of use (disregarding maintenance and upgrade feesC. full functionality is provided by only the instaled version12. which of the following belong to the category of system utilities? select yesor no for each optionA. an operating systemB. a device driverC. an anti-virus program13. Eulas typically contain conditions or other terms related to what the usercan do with the software. what other items may also be contained in an Eula? select yes or no for each optionA. items related to the vendors intention to gather statistics or include adsB. a gurantee that the terms of the Eula will not be changed.14. Helen obtained a refurbished computer from a reputable seller. It camewith all the required hardware but no os. She prefers to install a customizable os that can be obtained for little or no cost. which os would you reccomment?A. appleB. LinuxC. windows15. what is a phablet?A. a very portable tablet pc with wifi, capability, such as the kindle fire HDe readerB.a device that combines the screen size (5 to 69-inch) and functions of a tablet with several features of a phone.C. A smartphone

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