10 - 3: IQR & Outliers

10 - 3: IQR & Outliers

Author: Kate Sidlo
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10 - 3: IQR & Outlier


BOX AND WHISKER PLOT: A data plot that graphs the maximum, quartiles, and minimum along a number line to show comparison between the quarters of the data.

INTERQUARTILE RANGE: The difference between the upper quartile and lower quartile

MAXIMUM: The largest term of a data set

MEAN: The "average" of the numbers. The sum of the terms divided by the number of terms.

MEDIAN: The middle term of a data set when put in order from least to greatest

MINIMUM: The smallest term in a data set

MODE: The most common term in a data set.

OUTLIER: A number that lies far outside the set of the other data points and does not follow the trend of the other data points.

QUARTILE: The median of the upper and lower half of data; divides the data into groups of one-forth