1.1 Basic Terms of Geometry

1.1 Basic Terms of Geometry

Author: Marcia Cyr

 By the end of this lesson students will be able:

1. to define and describe the terms point, line and plane in terms of dimensionality and

2. differentiate between lines, segments and rays.

3. Copy a line segment and bisect a segment

Students learn the basic terminology of geometry as well as learning how to copy a segment and bisect it using construction techniques

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1.1 guided notes

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Video Lesso 1.1 - Basic Building Blocks

1.1 Building Blocks part 2

Basic constructions

Geogebra menu and tools

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Geogebra activity Questions

Use the Geogebra workbench on class web page to complete the following activity.

Practice 1.1

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Exit Ticket


More for you! These are materials that you can use if you are confused or need more proctice.

Introduction to points lines and planes

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